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Hi! My name is Basma, and I will help you learn more about PR and share some cheat sheets to help you with your career!

What You Need To Know

About ME

Highly motivated

and a professional Saudi woman, passionate about the power of communications in advancing companies’ performance, internally and externally.

People Person

Love discussing ideas and concepts, and looking at opportunities to share experience and explore growth, professionally and personally.


about communications and how to make it work for different settings.

A problem solver

outside the box thinker, and independent who has a special interest in conditioning words and image branding to benefit an organization.

My Skills

Lead Teams

Team Player
Excellent Time Manager
Content Creator
Talented Writer

What’s PR?

Simply put, Public Relations is the way we communicate to the Barista so he can make our coffee extra hot and frothy, its how we convince the other side to hear us out and to consider engaging with us- it is a necessary skill!

Think of it this way, it’s building relations while making your presence and ability, Public! It makes use of the most important ability in today’s world of business and social aspects- relationships. The possibilities are endless, and this is why I am passionate about making PR possible for everyone.

Tips & Tricks

What Siri cannot do

The days of writing a press release and controlling how your company is viewed by the audience are long gone for us in public relations, but have we also thought of customer virtual experience in our marketing and communications strategy?  You do not have to be a retail business to think about this. Today a…

Communication in difficult times

I wanted my first post to address challenging times, times that each individual will face and will need the magic of communication to navigate how to “say what I want to say, without offending them” or “Inspire them to follow my leadership” or “Trust that I can take the business to the next level”.  The…

To me, communication is more than a campaign, it’s one of the most underrated tools for business and social initiatives alike, and I would love to share this powerful tool with you through working together.

– Basma AlZamil

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