I wanted my first post to address challenging times, times that each individual will face and will need the magic of communication to navigate how to “say what I want to say, without offending them” or “Inspire them to follow my leadership” or “Trust that I can take the business to the next level”. 

The following are tips that you can go to whenever faced with a difficult situation, and trust that it will work!

Tip 1: Remember ALL your listeners

When faced with a challenge, we tend to communicate with the ones closer to us in radius, and forget that we have other listeners who need to know our progress: suppliers, potential clients, influencers, and most importantly our own team.

Tip 2: Before addressing a sensitive topic, try to understand the other side’s point of view

When challenged to discuss a heavy topic or a dispute, think of the other person, put yourself in their shoes and ask: Why did they do this? what motivated them to say/do this? How can I help them see my point of view? how can I assure them that my service/product is best for them?You can communicate better when you understand the other side, and then the magic of your words will reach them because it speaks their language.

Be Human.

Tip 3: Always make time to be human!

We are humans after all, business or not, and being able to practice your humanity is important. Challenged with a difficult employee at work? practice sympathy, try to understand why are they behaving this way, before you launch your management strategy book, be human first!

Tip 4: Personalize your Communication

Ever went to a department store, and left with purchase and wondered how you bought it? “The salesman was nice, he listened to what I needed and how my day was going and suggested something that will be perfect for my routine”. See the trick? The salesman made his communication with you personally, and learnt about you, before suggesting you do business with him. Remember this in your interactions!

Tip 5: Be Transparent and Honest

Often challenging times means we need to communicate things we rather not have to, and it takes courage to gather our thoughts and try to speak. Rule of thumb- be honest, think of the best way to say what you need to say, without jeopardizing your point of view, but be genuine, it goes a long way and it gains trust.

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