This video called me to follow-up where I left in my last post..the story of the masks.

The young man made my eyes tear as he reminded me, surely as many Saudis like myself, why we hold on strongly to our hopes…because we have such a dream!

I dream…that we can all throw the masks we wear forcefully without choice and embrace each other as we are.

I dream…for labels as extremist, liberal, infidel and conservative to travel from our souls and into books of history closed and forgotten.

I dream…that when asked about our nationality, we can say Saudi with no red flags reflected in their eyes.

I dream…to see Saudi men and women be able to build together a country unique in its culture but capable with the potential to astonish the world.

I dream…for a woman to wear her traditional veil in colors of joy; to drink her arabic coffee while negotiating business in Dollars and Yen dismissing businessmen’s calls to lower the rate of the Saudi Riyal.

I dream…that the song of youth is heard loud everywhere; in schools, streets, malls, jobs, ministries, homes and for e’qals (traditional man’s head-piece) to tilt in respect.

I dream…to play the anthem of my country and hold the flag in sports and female events.

I dream…to guide cars, horses, planes, trucks and tractors with the plate KSA engraved and read signs like “Dokhool” = entrance across roads.

I dream…to acknowledge the amazing acheivers of my country instead of some being forced to show their contributions abroad.

I dream…for family names to be just that, names. for tribes to be a pride but not a cause of discrimination or prejudice.

I dream…that I can say I am a journalist using my family name, without worrying about judgement.

I dream…that we all can dream together of the Saudi Arabia people like my father dreamt of, because I want to see it reflect in his eyes and my children’s.

“You will not do incredible things without an incredible dream.”  ~  John Eliot

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”  ~ Yoko Ono

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