“Hey, Dorkangelo, change of plans. Take the next right.” ~ Pamela Clare

To sip coffee with an old friend is a life learning lesson; you challenge the new person within you to see how you might have changed your plans and steered away.

Your old but valued plans come soaring from the steam of coffees, lingering for you to see who you were and what you believed then to be things you will never underestimate or bargain.

I was faced with this time and time again 3 months since I came back to pick up the pieces I left here. I started to wonder about those plans, sometimes feeling sorry for their hues travelling through the coffee meetings or through rides in the car with music pulling me to the then.

I started to challenge the new confident and determined Basma, who was welling to open new pages and never to compromise.

“Sometimes, however much you plan, however many precautions you take, something happens, and in a minute the world is changed. After that, you’re the person on the other side of that minute.”  ~ Frederick Weisel

I saw the Basma on that other side of the year and a half I spent learning and searching within myself and compared her to the me before.

Some of those plans were dictations of who I want to be known for, something I always possessed as a unique and idealistic characteristic of myself. In a minute, the two sides confronted each other with lists …and there was no sane referee to pull the whistle.

“1. You wanted to be a renowned choreographer,” the before said.
“Number 1 is now different, I want to be successful in my new career path,” replied the new.
“Fine. What about wanting to always live abroad?” the prior fought back.
“I might rethink that. I do not know,” she replied.
“What about x, y and z then? Are you throwing that out of the window too?” the old angrily lashed back.
“I don’t know yet.”

The debate raised the question: what is the limit to fulfil all of my plans and when can I rest some of them to peace and know it was not mine to take.

Dearly beloved, I sincerely could not answer that. I hope you can…

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.” ~ E.B. White