You can watch the sea for hours, and wonder about its magnitude to come to the shore, to bow in quest of stability and long for its ground to break its uncertainty.

Those waves that carry creatures of all kinds and wonders, that serve other living beings fascinate me. How can those waves allow for humans to meet its many lines, for birds to stalk its surfaces, for boats to unravel its mysteries, for the broken hearts to gift their sorrows? Surely and as mother nature has it, it takes something in return.

Some of us are sea spirits, we give without thought. we allow to be weighed down by this love to see others smile, we think of others too much and forget our waves, the need to break the boundaries and thank the possibilities to change the tide.

“(There) Is only one difference between the race of human life and the waves of the ocean, the ocean is never tired.” ~ Tanmaya Guru

I am human, and I am tired.

This very simple realization only came to me recently, years after controlling my waves, and taking them to the shore, surfacing away from danger and the open oceans. Bottles of wishes travelled through my waves, with hopes for salvation once they are granted, only to be met by the tides – ones my waves created out of restriction.

And just then I decided, to let my waves travel, with no breakers in sight.

Free of who I was, free of presence, free of dangerous fear, hope, free of mountainous wanting.” ~ Rumi