A seed is bond to turn into a flower
A flower is bond to become a fruit
or perhaps a cherished beauty protected in someone’s vase
Never had a flower fought that nature
Never had it questioned the what ifs
For it have given to the fact that though shall be
And showed off its colours to the world it did
Stood tall to greet the sun it did
And enjoyed the moment of being a flower..it did  ~ Basma Z

We are encouraged to “enjoy the flowers in a journey” to “seek truth in nature” to “meditate upon God’s miracles”. We fail to connect all this to the most absolute truth we live with: change in ourselves.

We know for a fact a flower will not forever be a flower, and a seed will not forever be a seed but when it comes to people, we question why they changed and how.

Though we know change is inevitable, we fight it with all our might and work to keep what we know, because surely it is better than what we don’t know or experience. Right?

“Nothing is permanent” ~ Buddha

What we fail to really see as an absolute truth within ourselves is the beauty change can bring. The new feeling it can create and the new knowledge it provides. We fight the temporary and fail to welcome the permanent, the experience.

This year, I choose to enjoy change. I choose to bring alive every experience and welcome the sun when I am a seed, flower or fruit.