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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ~ Plato

During moments of wisdom, typically following eventful incidents or rich conversations, my soul somehow take a corner seat on the velvet maroon chair in a busy room which is although

full of people’s chatter you can hear their emotions sung on an a capella led by a violin strumming surely along.

I had many moments of those recently, all reflecting one thought: we are all fighting and are all vulnerable. What we fail to see however is how each deals with this stamp of life, assuming we all deal the same way our soul does.

People decide on a cape, picked out from a closet which shields within it armours to protecting our souls kept in the Shop of Time. We were told when we were young to not be weak, to be strong and were repeatedly shown images of armours used in battles and carnival masks celebrated for their mystical mystery to plant deeply within that thought. The time to pick a cape is limited and you are told it will be hard to change, but it will ensure protecting your soul from the dangers.

The shop keeper looks at his clients and suggest the rightful cape, usually to their acceptance. On of the walls of the brightly lit place, a summary of the kind of capes hopes to guide unassisted customers to pick the right product for their soul security.

– Cape of Indifference:

Wearer of this cape hope to seal their sensitive souls from disappointment. The cape shows a mask of indifference and allows you to show you are not affected. These people are very emotional yet this cape brings in the strongest exterior leading people to view the person as perhaps rude or careless.

– Cape of Lock down:

Wearer of this cape will benefit from the added addition of allowing themselves to be viewed as “in their own bubble”. It allows them to be self-centered and shield their souls from the world and act the same for everyone. The cape also ensures the wearer’s personality is well hidden in a fake exterior.

– Cape of Control:

Wearer of this cape will immediately get the power to be seen as controlling. The person will be able to control their loved ones, interests and work environment fiercely without a care for others’ feelings. They will be able to have it as “my way or the highway” approach, hiding their fear of being seen as unable, vulnerable and not controlling their emotions.

– Cape of Openness:

Wearers of this cape are quite daring, as they want to show the world who they are. Their cape allows them to brightly show aspects of their personality depending on the audience. It allows them to interact with almost anyone and be able to bluntly say: I am sensitive, I am vulnerable.

The shop keeper has smiling eyes looking at me and says: Have you chosen your pick or can I help you?

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” ~ C.G. Jung

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