As a young girl, I believed that Disney values are from real life and were brought on screens to remind us of them.CIMG2150

Loving who you are and fighting for what you believe in Mulan-style.

Fighting for you family and your love Pocahontas-style.

Singing your dreams and accepting others Little Mermaid-style.

Running against the clock and taking a chance Cinderella-style.

Finding your true love and singing their tunes Thumbelina-style.

And I mostly believed, my prince charming has to come and sing to me, sweep me of my feet.

But then I realised, they were just ideas of a perfect world.

“Listen to me, the human world is a mess” ~ Sebastian of Little Mermaid

Why else when someone lies, you don’t see their nose grow like Pinocchio?

When a woman fights to be who she is, there isn’t an army welling to side with her like Mulan and Pocahontas?

Why when a girl wishes to be of different tribe or looks, she isn’t told to accept her fins and red hair like Ariel?

When a man loves a girl, he doesn’t go all the way to fight for her against dragons, thieves, family and tides like Prince Charming (Cinderella), Shang (Mulan), John Smith (Pocahontas), Prince Philip (Beauty and the beast)?

When someone does wrong, why won’t they be punished by King Triton (little Mermaid) or Musafa (Lion King) or other leaders?

Why can’t the chanting of music bring people together, no matter the differences, just like Pocahontas rhythms or Snow White?

“Eventually, I stopped dressing like I was a Disney character, but the desire to live the life of a fairy tale princess never really left me.” ~  Monica Alexander

The bar was raised high for me and it took me a while to understand that no one came out of a Disney character.

No family, no love, no friends, no career, no reality is a Disney one.

I wonder Disney, if I should thank you or blame you.

“She believed in dreams, all right, but she also believed in doing something about them. When Prince Charming didn’t come along, she went over to the palace and got him.” ~ Walt Disney Company


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