1- Seeking the warmth of a hot poured coffee and feeling the tingle in your fingers, unsure if it’s from the cold or the sudden warmth

2- Fought a tear when farewelling a friend

3- Pretended to not care about a comment being said about you when inside your fighting to keep calm

4- Ate more chocolate cake than you confessed

5- Wanted to do something completely stupid, so decided the closest thing is to drench yourself in the rain!

6- Fought the urge to sing a silly song on top of your lungs, so then hid in the car to blast the music and lead the cd player in rhythm

7- Smiled at an old couple holding hands and thought, that ‘s true love.

8- Secretly rejoice to know an old friend you have’nt seen in years have’nt change one bet

9- Pretended to know what a circle of people in a party are talking about

10- Showed interest in gossip you usually couldn’t care less about just to feel involved

11- Cried after watching a drama movie, and carried those sad feelings to bed – digging all your gloomy memories back from their assigned grave

12- Felt that sudden realisation that your body and soul are different, feeling like your soul is watching yourself act the play of life

13- As soon as you decide to try something new, you end up with a great adventure to remember or a horrible experience to laugh about

14- Stressing about a situation that you suddenly notice your shoulders are tensed and raised up in a defence mechanism

15- Before a confrontation, you are almost always playing different possible scenarios in your head

16- You catch yourself wondering still if love portrayed in movies will actually meet you in reality, then you hush that sound and say: only in the movies!

17- You want to call them, but your ego is far more faster in putting the phone down for you

18- You meet  a stranger, and your little cloud of dreams starts expanding in hope only to be poked with a word or an action

19- If your jealous of someone, you tend to either obsess about finding errors with them to make you feel better or to shut any thought of them in an attempt at pretending they do not exist

20- caught yourself making a list of the things someone your comparing yourself to has and has not , on the edge of your toes to hope the “has not” is more so you feel better

21- Wonder why did you see someone to be something they are not, and ended up allowing them to hurt you

I admit, I have felt most of the above. Some I am working to change and some I am proud to have. the point of this list? reminding you we are all the same in a way or another, do not deny yourself that realisation.  whats your list?

“If you’re reading this…
Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about,
then I don’t know what is.” ~  Chad Sugg

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