“You’ll only be your current age once”  ~  unknown

2 and 8, added together they make a 10, a 10 is a full mark, it’s also a 1 if added together. Does it represent me now?

I just turned 28, a year I expected to feel different from what it really is.

How does it feel? Normal! Like any other day, I feel 20 inside, young and free.

“Only look back if it makes you smile”  ~ unknown

I didn’t listen to that advice, and I decided to look back to everything, the good the bad and ugly.

I smiled through them all, through those colorful memories of tears and laughs, experiences and failures, I celebrated all their existence with a smile.

I realized it makes me certain of this: I am human, I am forever learning and I exist.

The year before, 2012, I had made a list of things I want to get rid of.

To my happiness, some have been left behind with my previous year of celebrations while some I am still working on. All in all, I am trying and I am challenging those rocks through my way to the top.

I looked back, and I found it all makes me – Basma (smile in Arabic).

So new year of me, I am 1, I am a 10 and I am 28, because I exist and I am pushing to the top.

“Actually, years mean nothing. It’s what’s inside them.” ~  Simon Van Booy

P.S: you can refer to the list in my previous post here. Hope it inspires 🙂



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