“There is nothing good or bad, thinking makes it so,” ~ William Shakespeare 

I love self-improvement books. I actually enjoy someone telling me how they think happiness should be tackled, or how thinking about your goal day and night can bring it to life. I do!

But I discovered from the hundreds of books I have read one thing – it’s only a suggestion and not a survival guide! That, simple as it may be, only sunk in recently as I faced grief and personal loss of some dreams I thought were within reach.

While I tried to numb feelings, push through and “Be strong”, I found the answers I have been reading in those books all along and decided to make my own and actual guide. Here are my 5 cheat codes to survive life:

  1. When angry, sad, frustrated, comparing, discontent, down, lost, afraid, grieving follow this one rule – Be Grateful. 3 deep breaths, think of one good thing you have and recall it over and over again.
  2. No one is like you.Play this on Repeat. When you find yourself comparing with others, angry at your lack of achievements, remember this.
  3. You can stop feelings of hurt, pain, love, joy when you die. So live through the emotions and enjoy them!*
  4. Happiness= (Living+ Gratitude+ Experiences) x environment of Love + Kindness. Feel free to use this formula*
  5. If you want anything in life, follow this formula: Be (The person you want to be) – Do (Doing what needs to be done to reach your ideal person)- Have (Have the privileges that come with that wish) rather than what we usually follow Do, Have, Be. *

“What doesn’t kill me provides writing material.” ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman 


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  • copyrights to Basma Z (yep I made it up and it works!)
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