“The Artist always has the masters in his eyes.” ~ Ralph Emerson

Every day, my eyes gracefully and sometimes warily push their warm blankets away and welcome the tingles of sunlight. Connecting the projector and wires and preparing their notes, they seek images of truth and meaning in my world without bias.

My eyes capture the sceneries, the people, the faces, and the moments and dutifully send it across. They sometimes seek within the big picture for certain details that either interest them or were told by the Boss, the mind, to focus on. They try to be creative in bringing what the mind wants to see.

The marks of a tree log on the office’s door – a sign of continuation, sacrifice, second chance at life

My hand being held – care, love, security, a longing to have it forever held

Full moon – a passion to watch, relaxing effect, beauty

“Eye can only see something if idea about it has been in mind.” ~ Toba Beta

Seated in a conference room, the eyes present their findings to the two CEOs: mind and heart.

Eyes: As you can witness here, this is an image of a couple holding hands

Mind: That is vivid, a sign of love is the caption

Heart: But we need to make it personal: love that she has been longing for is being screened in front of her. We can add a twitch in her feelings. Remind her of how it feels to have her hand held

Eyes: we can project the memory too to add to the past files

All: agreed!

Eyes: This is beautiful, here’s an image of the blue of the sea zoomed to bring the sparkle

Mind: This is clear, blue colour and sea a nature scene

Heart: Oh Mind, be more creative! It’s deeper to her, its serenity and reminder to deep think. Oh bring that file of her sitting be the seaside and reminiscing. Now its picture perfect

Eyes: I do recall we have captioned this differently before

Mind: According to records, she felt the sea was a sad scenery and it made her feel down

Heart: We sought sadness then remember? It was needed for her to grow

Mind: Let’s caption this serenity and deep thought then

“The eyes can often lie, not see what is essential. But the heart, never.” ~ Anushka Bhartiya

‘I see a beautiful sunshine’ says the right eye ‘I see the rays in yellow and orange’ replies the left ‘Shall we combine?’ the image is screened and the CEOS smirk and caption it: Hope and Colours. This is essential to see, they reassure <3