“Stop being so… optimistic. It’s getting on my nerves.” ~  Stephenie Meyer

Recently, my senses have been very sensitive to things that frankly piss me off. I thought, well lets get that negative energy out and place a list. Perhaps it may make people realise these things hurt, annoy, destroy or simply lose them a friend.

While creating my list, I also realised something: that the more you remember things you hate the more it gets to you and the more it creeps to suck the positivity out. So in return, instead of dwelling on things that can get to me, I decided to hit it back and get it out before it does.

So here goes, I would love to hear about your own list readers 🙂

*people who are not polite

*people who don’t show thier feelings to those they care about

*when some assume you know what they think

*when you are pouring your emotions out to someone and they are not paying attention, or worse utter something like “your just being sensitive or over reacting”

*Racism, prejudice, injustice, hyprocracy

*When you don’t look a person in the eye when trying to be honest with them

*When pretending not to see a message when it can tell me it has infact been viewed

*When you know someone is lying and you can’t face them because you do not want to seem paranoid

*When you have to lie about what you think or feel to not be labeled weird or too much of a sharer

*Two-faced people, where’s is the gun!

*People you cannot detect their emotions or true selves.

*Drama queens (or kings!) and overly attention seekers (they exist!)


“That really pissed me off, because I am worth it, goddamn it!”
“I know you—”
“Still talking here!” ~   Robin L. Rotham

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