I like to play this game when I am hunting for ideas or teasing my passion for social encounters and emotional scenes.I basically think of the nicest word to say to a stranger, be it a cashier, beggar or a driver, and say it with a smile. The outcome? a big smile beaming back at me and a lovely sigh of gratitude.

I tried the opposite today, not that I intended to only it happened due to my unfortuante bad mood. A lovely casheir, to her missfortune and my feelings of guilt later, smiled at me and asked how my day was while dark thoughts were racing previously in my mind. I couldn’t smile back and I saw how the world tumbled in her eyes and I can see the word “hurt” slowly draw in red across her forehead.

I always thought I was one against the world, or as described by both friends and enemies  “sensitive”, and noone else saw words to be hurtful or have an impact on them.

I was wrong. We all do in some level or another, depending on the word and its history with us. The thing is, what do you do when you hear one?

If I can send across one message in this post, please think of your words carefully. you can hurt so deep without knowing and that person can’t talk about it, for fear of being labeled sensitive or over reacting! but the scar is there – sometimes for life.

I hope you’re not intending

To be so condescending

It’s as much as I can take

And you’re so independent

You just refuse to bend

So I keep bending ’till I break

            ~Staind- Right Here Waiting

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