“It is important that we do not lose our fragility, for it is this that brings us closer to those around us, while our strength divides us” ~ Jean-Claude Carriere

Dear You,

I remembered once that you told me I was too polite, or too sensitive. I realised you are right, and that I am proud of it.

I also realised I have to write a list of all the things many people fail to say, let’s call it helping them say it better.

So here goes:

  • I am sorry for not listening to You and being too caught up in the insignificance of life
  • I am sorry for not judging You as others do
  • I am sorry for being me around You and you making fun of it
  • I am sorry for not labelling You according to your religion, ethnicity or personality
  • I am sorry for saying “Thank You, I am sorry and pardon me” when I see fit
  • I am sorry for caring about You, and wondering why I feel I am being used
  • I am sorry for every doubting You
  • I am sorry for dreaming of something I believe exists somewhere, while You think I am delusional.
  • I am sorry I won’t hold a grudge against You based on shallowness
  • I am sorry I won’t frown if I see You walking past, I will always smile
  • I am sorry I won’t be quiet about who I am
  • I am sorry but I like to listen to You, even if your opinion contradicts mine.
  • I am sorry I will always want to befriend You to know you better.
  • I am sorry for being honest with You
  • I am sorry for feeling sad when I feel I might lose You
  • I am sorry for I am only human

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”   ~    Eric Fromm

The thing is, I am sorry but not really regretting anything as this is me, sorry!

“I’m sorry to myself.
My apologies begin here before everybody else.”~Alanis Morissette – Sorry for myself

*Note:  The use of “You” is open, it can be a person or yourself. Think about it.

Important Notice: No “Sorry” was misused in the making of this blog post.


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