Sets of Black, Brown, Green and Blue were looking at a man who decided to pick up half smoked cigarette butts of the street on a chilly sunday morning. Their eyes decided to later steer away, some with shame and others with sadness while he murmered under his breath, sturggling to summon his legs to move harmonically down the avenue.

I could’nt help but portrait this image in my mind all day, wondering what happened to our souls?! can’t we just give a moment of grief to human kind for I can be sure that if this man was walking 10 years ago on the same street, people would lend him a hand and some would even slip a 10 note of money in his pocket.

The harsh hastened pace of reality in life is slashing every ounce of humanity and feelings of our souls it seems, as I can see a stolen look of sympathy toward a begger or a homeless fellow asking for a bit of change but that look is quickly shaken off by either fear or ego…

True that some people use our emotions and I can bet you (my lovely readers) that we have all experienced been taken advantage of due to our good nature and decided thats it! lets shun that goodness once and for all!!

I am surely a victim of that, have always thought my ability to be in touch with my emotions and human side get the best of me and make me an easy target. But I refuse to let it go, otherwise can I be then called human?

The answer to keep beliving is music. My soul food is this song by my idol, Michael Jackson…I leave you with this part of his amazing work of art “Human Nature”

If they say,

Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human nature

 Why, why, does he do me that way

 If they say,

 Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human nature

Why, why does he do me that way


*What your song for soul?

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