“I mean really Basma, you make a fuss out of things and sometimes to be quite honest your too careful and tense…” As she casually reaches to sip her coffee, while Basma is engulfed with weird thoughts and emotions, am I like that? But she’s the hypocrite, the one my straw is not sure of…

in life, you pass by many variations of adjectives, people you thought only existed in the movies to make it more dramatic or in novels to tickle the wild fantasies of authors of a plot too good to solve, but the plot is always solved, as it follows their order of events and line of scenario.

It never fails to astonish as you realise where the straw should be placed, and you move it slowly to the good or bad, while you scold your poor self for being too kind…but isn’t that who I am? 

“The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.”  ~ Toni Collette

the smiling mermaid trapped in a beaming white mug summoned the guarding hands to move her forward, blowing the coffee’s hot steam toward the speaker. “I am who I am, at least I am real” said the woman moving the mug, an imaginary stream tugging the middle of the table between the two, the straw’s stance has been decided.

 “to love oneself, is the beginning of a lifelong romance” from the movie ideal husband.


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