People who know me, know I can be too much of a planner- I mean my favorite activity is making lists! Lists to me are a continuous affair with life, its like I tease life and challenge its course- will you follow what I would like to do this week, or will you, as I would usually expect, surprise me and force me to change path?

Recently, I asked friends, out of my own curiosity and for the purposes of this post, to list 3 characteristics that must be found in their partner. The responses were very interesting, and to me, they reflected the person’s own character. I categorized them accordingly to the gender of those who answered:

Men on what are the 3 main characteristics they look for in a partner

Intelligent, adventurous, trustworthy, physical attraction, honesty, humanitarian, easy-going, intellectual, instinct, inspirational, a bit crazy, enjoys life her way, athletic, kindness, does not nag (!), strong personality, family values, sense of humor

Women on what are the 3 main characteristics they look for in a partner

Respect, caring, supportive, seeks my happiness, smart and ambitious, Attitude, his treatment toward me, physical attraction, kindness, responsibility, same ideology, compatibility, kindness, be able to be myself around him, funny, stable financially, clean (!), sensitive, understands me, share same beliefs, chemistry, generosity, stability 

Looking at the characteristics, I then underlined those that were repeated by both genders: Kindness, intelligence, humor, intellectual, honest, chemistry, respect.

I stopped, why am I doing this list in the first place? I laughed for a full moment, at my own self, at the habit of developing lists, sometimes as of now, with no purpose.

“You know, I think it all falls down to having faith, faith it will happen not faith-I-need-to-figure-out-a-plot to happen!” ~ my dear friend Rebecca, when we were discussing finding a partner. 2 years later, she was blessed and is now a mother of two beautiful children <3

A couple of months ago, I decided to accept my relationship with life- it doesn’t always go my way and never will read my lists! I promised myself to agree to things that are new, to keep my lists, as a stress reliever if anything more, but forget about them as soon as I close my notes and go with the flow..and have faith!

For someone like me, boy was this a big challenge. I kept going back to my lists, as if trying to remember who I was. I kept nudging life to read it, please, just look how organized and rational it is, would you for once go with it?

“Honestly, the only thing I know is that we need to keep on living, and stop thinking” ~ A dear friend, as she casually sipped her tea

*Side note: for the sake of it here is my list:

Characteristics I look for in a guy: Caring ( for me and others), eager to learn, respectful (me, his family and values), funny, loves to move (athletic), confident in his own skin (my strength does not affect his self-worth), independent.








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