“I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess, when my opponent says of it: That piece cannot be moved.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

As queen on the board of reality, the only ruling post you have granted is your heart. but moving through the black and white steps of your life’s journey, your rule can weaken and your voice of reason gets blocked by the many sliding soldiers trying to get through to your kingdom of love.

We all try to figure out why we are surrounded by soldiers, but unable to glimpse the king among them and wonder, is the queen on the other side, armed by her king, gifted with a special power?

The queen then turns to her castle, looks for the knights of strengthen within her to fight her right to rule the kingdom of love, questioning whether the gate of the castle should remain open or be closed to the right person who will climb the walls to call for his wish to be her partner in the kingdom.

“If you’re at the end of your rope . . . untie the knot in your heart.”

As a rigid observer of heart matters and a passionate analyzer of human relations, I believe even when we have all that it takes to attract someone, it will only happen when its meant to be. But that is easier said than done.

As I welcome the new year, and counsel my heart into knowing the king is not among them yet, I cannot help but face a frustrated reflection of me – questioning and at the end of her rope.

She calls on her affairs counselor,

Handing a box,

Take this away and let the gate be open- she orders,

But your Majesty – the counselor protests,

It is done, I do not want this ruling now,

Keep the gate open to remind me of the hope,

She then summons – Guards, open the gate and keep my heart