It never occurred to me why, but I always had a fascination towards army and discipline which was first unknown to me; until I faced them marching.

A day in my job as a journalist, I was invited to cover the graduation ceremony of the Royal Police Academy in Bahrain. It was then I have recognised how much I was at awe seeing those fresh graduates salute, gracefully marching, looking at the audience and hailing their country and oath…to me it was magical!

Only then did I recognise that feeling of respect towards such force, such discipline, something I don’t think the majority of us can understand.

You did not bear the shame

You resisted

Sacrificing your life,

For freedom, justice and honour

~ from the German Resistance Memorial, Berlin

This quote comes at the end of the movie, Valkyrie, which tells the true story of German soldiers who tried to overthrow Hitler and his criminal regime.

If you look closely, the quote illustrates simplicity of life through the eyes of a soldier; freedom, justice and honour tied as meaning to their lives. I felt this was a reason for my awe at such individuals of the same custom, that simplicity of seeing life: being black or white, a command or a seize, a with or against, a war or is simple!

Their way of life, or bushido which is the japanese term to way of the warrior, is to simply follow the clear unquestionable paths. I disagree with those labelling them as heartless, for as G.K. Chesterton puts it ever so nicely “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

If we can make our lives simple as a soldier, loving what is important, honouring it and calling for freedom and justice wherever we go, then wars possibly wouldn’t happen and the service of soldiers would not be needed for long…Ironic enough!

“Soldiers’ graves are the greatest preachers of peace.”   ~  Albert Schweitzer

Note: This post honours all those who died or fought for peace, for love, for justice, for respect, for equality, for humanity..soldiers or civilians…Respect to you and your lives. This post deliberately deterred from discussing politics and is purely focused on true human values.

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