A beautiful splash wakes my senses every time someone opens the door for me, show gratitude, smile or remember my order.”What a wonderful life”, I hear myself sing!

But today, something made me realise how amazing it is to give being human a chance. Awaiting my turn in a long queue at a lovely retail store; I felt the urge to help and courageously extend my feelings as I saw an old woman behind me trying to balance herself with hidden pride while waiting for her turn. I decided to try and suggested she can take my turn to which she replied “no its alright, its your turn”, “Who cares about rules, you go ahead I can wait”. The next thing she did was beyond my thoughts- she thanked me, walked to the cashier and told her what I did. Not only that but adoringly and like an amazing loving grandmother she waved in gratitude one last time before she made her way out of the shop.I truly felt all my senses melt in awe at the ability to be human and care again.

Pushing your way like a new planted seed

Thinking to yourself where will all this lead

another day, another queue

another person disguised in a careless hue

you try to smile, to which they frown

you try to be amidst all the opposing crowd

you know deep inside it shouldn’t be that way

and wonder in dismay “how did it all turn so grey?’

it’s like a theatre, where you dance the tap

soulfully creating wishful rhythms of love

audience gratitude? a slap!

you remove the carefully shinned shoes,

promising this is the last endure.

But one person standing in the crowd clap

and one after the other, the noise begins to unwrap

for which I tell you my friend…give human a chance.

~Basma Z (Thats me!)

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