I have finally been able to watch the movie “The Kingdom”, obviously banned from the region due to it being hypothetically set in Saudi Arabia and talking about terrorism.

To be honest, I fought the urge to watch it as I knew it will have the typical Hollywood work of art (or sterotype); Americans are smart and Arabs need to learn from them, Saudis are extremist and terrorists, Saudi is a sad country with nothing good but oil…the list can go on!

Sadly, some elements were there in the 1 hour 5o minutes screening. But I was quite outaken to witness scenes of peaceful people praying, or the gesture of giving the American FBI beads to deal with worry (Musbaha for my Arabic speakers).

The thought that kept creeping as I watched the movie is, what if these terrrorists were any other nationality; would the same language be used? The story of Hilter and his extremism race cleansing was a decade or so ago, but it still brings the chills when heard as it is so unjust. I heard of generalising of Germans followed and sadly see it move to generalising of terrorists and them being Saudis in particular.

So I decided to meet with terrorism and talk this out…

Me: Terrorism, I think we should talk.

Terrorism: why hello Basma, how are you? enjoying the previliages I’m giving you?

Me: Well, that’s what I wanted to talk about…you see, I need a break up.

Terrorism: WHAT! why? here you are linked to the powerful me, why ask for it to end.

Me: I can not be labelled as a human killer when I am not. I demand this ends, you can not force yourself on me and expect me to oblidge.

Also, I hate how I am looked at when your name is mentioned, or how magically your presence appears in people’s head when my nationality is revealed.

Terrorism: Well, it was natural to happen…

Me: No you forced it to happen and then stereotypes decided to make it ok to say. You are the like of Racism, Sexism and Extremism and I do not want to be linked to any of those either! goodbye , forever!

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”    ~ Wayne W. Dyer