“It is easy to see the light in the darkness, but who has the ability to see darkness in the light?” ~ Mohammed Al Rattayan, Saudi writer
I do not consider myself to be a skeptical person, one who questions every movement or word of people around me and patiently tries to decipher hidden meaning, but rather one who can be blinded by the good possibility embedded in a person’s first acknowledging smile towards me.
That was then. Years of failed x-rays on people met, wrong diagnosis of their life conditions and the small skeptical part in my brain shouting “let me outta here!” led to me welcome the questioning and analysis. It actually developed onto mentally placing an invisible ‘Hello, I’m…’ sticker on individuals’ foreheads as I merrily walked, certain I have cracked their codes in no time – and putting Sherlock Holmes to shame!
But as I decided that I have figured them out and I have seen their darkness, I also uncover the darkness within myself, one which only wants to be the sole person whom is ok to be imperfect  in this world. My judgement slams the court’s hammer and sentence the person as guilty, just because their darkness were shown and I could not seek to see the light within it.
“The sun’s light exposes us, there is no one with a white shadow!” ~ Mohammed Al Rattayan, Saudi writer
As the court sessions get prolonged and my jury get distorted by the attorney’s excellent defenses to the circumstances of the case at hand, they notice his dark shadow lingering behind and the voice of the defense team pleading not guilty wins the nods.
Source: http://www.interinclusion.org/inspirations/plagues-of-the-heart-and-mind-part-10/

Source: http://www.interinclusion.org/inspirations/plagues-of-the-heart-and-mind-part-10/