I don’t need a relationship to define who I am, I’ll be fine, I’m a strong woman. ~unkown

This quote inspired me to start the first post of my own blog (gosh I’m excited!)

In a world that is still, argue as you may, dominant by men I do believe women have travelled a beautiful path to freedom or equality as some like to call it. Nevertheless, some are still fighting their way for that to happen.

If you have come across the movie “The Duchess” I am sure it have touched you in a way or another. The script unfold the true story of Duchess of Devonshire Georgina inย the 1970sย who had to suffer the injustice of her husband whom was only interested in a heir and affairs. Her freedom was never given and even when she fell in love she was unable to follow her heart and be set free…all because of a man and a supporting society.

Ironic it is that in my eyes I do see a striking resemblence of that script to my own society. Perhaps not that women and men of certain social class are called “Duchess and Duke” respectively but to the fact that women are not entirely free of the watchful eye of society. The resemblence is even more striking and perhaps daunting when women of centuries ago had their destiny written by the man they have to marry, not a chosen path but given. The duties and expectation which they are faced with is also very similar to the women of my country.

Women have to still pray to be the next lucky bride to wed, and hope against hope the man will allow her to live her dreams at last! The social events are merely ones to get single women noticed by inspecting mothers of eligible bachelors. Maybe no alcohol is served to ease the tension but they still somehow manage to look their best “the single ladies” and ask questions “The mothers”. I do not oppose the idea of this way to get married, but I do feel it is outdated and lacks emotion. How can a woman marry someone she knows seldom?! at least in Georgina had breifly fallen in love (not that they told us in the movie tho!) with Charles Grey before getting married to the Duke ( O and with her consent not forced or anything!).

I have already seen girls in my society rebel this notion and get to know men using new means (Hello Internet, Social Media and beyond!) and I dont know if it is right or wrong, but I know that it is only natural to love and meet the opposite sex (O god she said the S word :P) and opposing nature and God’s intent is wrong and unnatural.

Enough said for now!



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