Dear beloved,

This might be a harsh letter to you, but I cannot stand by and watch you destroy yourself over and over again, so here goes:

1-      Your winter coat is resting on a bed of still flowers, comforted by the steady whistle of the air conditioner, reminding you that you just came back.

2-      You cannot change anyone and cannot expect to snap people out of their reality – or maybe excuse.

3-      You are the outcome of many things that you faced through the 27 years of your existence, be proud of them.

4-      You are single for a reason, not because of your life style, social circles, cool parents, or anything else. God plans this one fully, not you.

5-      You never wanted to be dependent on anyone, please remember that.

6-      Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter – you know what that means!

7-      Yes you are older, independent and capable; maybe even think you can help with it all. However, you cannot fix it all and shouldn’t.

8-      Try to enjoy what you have and feel blessed, for you are alive and you are you.

9-      People, circumstances and sometimes even your country won’t fully support you, but that is the challenge that builds you to the fierce woman you imagined yourself to be – suck it up!

And remember:

“Do you fix a wheel that isn’t broken, or do you wait until the cart collapses?” ~ Jodi Picoult

Yours truly,

Your most admirer, Me!

Her lips turned a half curve, sighed, “I cannot fix it all” she quietly stated, mainly to herself and secondly to the doubting echo objecting in the room.

Looking at the book she just celebrated completing, the diary of Anne Frank, she remembered her saying, as if to her:

“Because paper has more patience than people” ~ Anne Frank

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