Know Me

My Name is Basma, translated into a Smile in Arabic.

My name is a reflection of my personality, I do like to smile, even through my writings. I believe smiles are contagious, you cannot help but smile when you see a child smile at you, and that’s what I want to be – contagious!

I want my ideas to influence people, to be better, hopeful, to help one another, and to inspire others to write.

I am a Saudi woman, lucky to be empowered by her parents to be a free thinker, but aware that her soul cannot yet fly freely in her concrete surroundings.

I forced my way to be a passionate writer, public relations and communications expert by profession, and a former journalist. I believe mere words can awaken the strength within ourselves and can be used more times over.

Welcome to my blog and I hope my words are a contagious force to inspire you to smile!