Watching this dance by world champions of Argentina Tango live this weekend, I noticed my eyes watching as their feet stepped the stage, as if making the ground obey their rhythm of passion.

I recalled a point I’ve read in a dancers’ blog, that only dancers can understand the movement of feet, how they tell a story full of details with a clinch of an ankle and a swing of a hip. It is not because it’s a secret language only spoken among those few movers; it’s because when people decide to look at the upper body and face expressions searching for love and passion between the dancers, the actual dancers study the feet; they never lie.

“Let God have you, and let God love you – and don’t be surprised if your heart begins to hear music you’ve never heard and your feet learn to dance as never before.”    ~      Max Lucado

If you look closely at their feet, the way the tip of the female’s heels points to the man, then quickly kicks back refusing to surrender. the man keeps his steps sturdy, eyes locked to hers, showing her it literally takes two to tango.Her feet then surrender, they move obediently with his feet, kicking every thought that says this is wrong, and a story begins.

I have also read somewhere that if a person likes another, their feet will subconsciously be pointed their direction (seen a few real proofs of this one!). In dance, it’s when the feet have a language of their own not due to practice, but due to a rhythm only heard by those pair which guides their movement – without the background music.

“If your feet are firmly planted on the ground you’ll never be able to dance.”     ~  Iris Johansen

In real life, you can only learn to dance when you let go of the fear: whether it be people, falling, making the wrong step or simply not being the best. When you dance you let your true self rule the stage, sometimes finding others stepping on your feet; deliberately or accidentally. You will eventually understand one thing, not everyone can hear your rhythm.

Watch the true rhythm of this couple,  whom were so in sync you sometimes struggle to understand what their feet said, but you can tell they did not lie and they forgave each other’s mistaken step.

I’m never gonna dance again

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it’s easy to pretend

I know you’re not a fool  

George Michael ~ Careless Whispers

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